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Mr. Brizan Were

Brizan is the current local director for startup lions which provides free digital training for young talented Africans. He is so passionate about human rights and is a great advocate against marginalization. He was born and raised along Lake Turkana, His parents are an active participant in the fish business. With the experience and lessons learned Brizan Brings vast experience in fish business

Fr.Andrew Yakulula

He is the current parish priest of Todonyang Mission. He has supported the fisher communities along the lake in construction and distribution of fishing gears for a long time.

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“Throughout their history pastoralists have engaged in a multiplicity of economic activities, making use of a wide diversity of resources within their reach and often modifying their animal production to the demands of other pursuits. Above all they can also farm and fish a bit, they also trade, they handicraft, they smuggle, they used to raid and make war on their own, or for others, and they managed the labor of others working for them” (Odegi-Awuondo, 1992: 9).